Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

2505: Me and SHINee's Day

A few minutes to go to 2505. But, its already 2505 (Korean Time).
I really thanks to GOD for allowing me feel His love until now. Heuheu T_T
Alhamdulllahirobbil'alaamiin. Thanks Alloh...

2505 its really a great day for me. For us for sure (Me and SHINee)
So damn, how I possible to love that band so much. First time in my life to be a fan girl.
Silently crying when I hear their voice, so warm. Damn, I'm so deep in love with SHINee!
You have indeed changed my life.
Happy 4th Anniversary SHINee and many many more years to come!!!
Keep Shining my boys!

The tears of happiness and sadness, the screams of excitement and exaperation.
Wherever you are, SHINee World will be too.

Once a Shawol always a Shawol

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