Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

From "Galau" to wisdom: just a random thought

First, I really wish the place that I work with is the best place for me to develop myself. But sometimes, GOD really wants you to realize that He is the good planner for you. If you think that you are in the worst place right now, maybe from the GOD’s side it is the best thing for you. The best for you to study about life, about patient, about team work, about people’s character, about everything that can make you going to be mature for the real word.

Unfortunately, I’m the person who can’t work with an optimal perform if in that place can’t engaged me to work deeply, and is all about passion I think. Yeah, and now, I’m in the “Galau” mood. I hope that the low sessions of my fighting spirit resolved quickly. Aamiin. From “Galau” to Wisdom.

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farahzu mengatakan...
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farahzu mengatakan...

engagement to work is almost has to build up by your ownself. mesti diusahakan wilis. sabar. semangat :)