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130310 KBS Music Bank Live In Jakarta: The Memories (SHINee focus)

Here we go!

Ho..ho..ho, already past 4 days from KBS Music Bank Live In Jakarta and I really want to share some memories I bring from those moments.

I’ll do it in twitter ways. Pardon my grammar, please. Kekeke.

Hell yeah, the euphoria of Music Bank live in Jakarta isn’t joke.

My voice already lost before concert begins. Lalala. Two consecutives music video from SHINee (Dream Girl & Sherlock) comes to heat up the crowd.

Na..na..na, failed security system makes my free bronze ticket worth for gold ticket, mehehe. Better view J

Comments skipped for other performances, waiting for SHINee patiently.

Indonesian shawols must be so grateful for watching the very first time overseas live performance of Dream Girl & Beautiful (P.S no lip sync) Even for Sherlock!

Standing mic performances is so gorgeous. And their "lempar jemuran" dance for beautiful totally awesome.

So many fan sites noona came last night. See how's loyal they are to their bias, so rich! They've done angelic photo shoot so well.

Ah, noonas so love with their bias… Such as @.onbom8991 @.mrminho @.keysyou @_idealboy @.vanillalatte

Back to the topic #MusicBankJKT

But the fact of many failure happens during concert was totally annoying. LED failed, stage failed, security system failed, ticketing system failed, tons of garbage. Shameful

Even though, the concert ended successfully. Daebak! All artist seems really enjoy the show. ~Kemesraan ini janganlah cepat berlalu »best part

Favorite part: Minho pouring sweats and winking his eyes. KBS cameraman, u guys do a very great job! *faint*

The other one when LED displayed Dream High VCR. Oh my gosh, nearly cry when I saw Kim Soo Hyun at those VCR.

Really miss my KSH on movie/drama so much. Even Nam Woohyun can't sing Dreaming as well as KSH.

My SHINee nearly perfect! Handsome overload. Especially for Lee JINKI. Why are you so handsome beb? T_T I've got a crush on you...

Seems like our SHINee enjoy Jakarta so much. Such a relief to see our baby happy...

Have a good rest @realjonghyun90 @skhehdanfdldi Kibum Minho Taemin.... Please come back to Indonesia again.. xoxo


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