Senin, 26 Desember 2011

The Way K-Pop Change Your Life

"Some people ask why I listen to music I can’t understand.

Maybe they can’t understand, but I can.

Because I dont just listen to the words and beats of a song.

I listen to the emotion and the artists themselves.

Once you learn how to do that, understanding comes naturally ♥ KPOP."

I was reading very damn cool posts by the one of fandom K-pop on facebook about K-pop fan scan relate. And ‘wadezzing’ I very shocked, that the post really damn true for some cases. That’s the way - how’s K-pop has changed your life a lot.

As long as you became a K-pop fan, all the things below really works to you.

1. Someday. You want to invite all your friends to Korea and live in a historical house

2. Your thoughts on K-pop, K-pop must exist forever.

3. You consider yourself not just his fan but his WIFE

4. K-pop taught you how to be a great stalker

5. When your bias cries, you also cry

6. Since you became a K-pop fan, you started thinking to marry a Korean guy in the future

7. The moment when you cry infront of the computer, all because of K-pop

8. Ever since you became a K-pop fan, other music means nothing to you

9. Since you became a K-pop fan, you started singing birthday son in Korean instead of my own language

10. The moment your mother blame your results on kpop

11. Since you became a K-pop fan, you updated on whats happening with your fave idols/actors life than the idols/actors in your own country

12. SARANGHAE is the first Korean word you have learned in your life. Instead of Annyeonghaseo.

13. To other people, K-Pop is simply music that you can’t understand. But they do not know that to you K-Pop is second life, where you can find happiness in the presence of my fandoms and biases, and enjoyment in their music

14. In hearing the word ‘shiny’, people would think of stars and glitters while you think of Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Key and Taemin

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